The ServiceFactor training tutorials are an excellent resource for learning how to use ServiceFactor.  The average tutorial lasts less than 5 minutes, so you can watch them whenever you have time.  They can easily be paused while in progress, allowing you to switch between the tutorial and your live ServiceFactor system.

Please check back often, as new tutorials are being added regularly.

ServiceFactor Basics

Learn how to navigate the system, search for records with basic searches and advanced search filters, how to print and export various lists and how to add or modify records.

3 min, 54 sec

Adding A Customer

Learn how to add a new customer, including what to do if a customer has multiple sites and a different billing address than the work address. This tutorial also discusses how to enter site contact information and what happens if you have to navigate away from a record in the middle of adding or editing it.

8 min, 5 sec

Customer Detail Center

This tutorial discusses the Customer Detail Center, which is basically a "Customer Dashboard" and is the backbone of the customer. The Customer Detail Center is where you can view the customer's timeline, all work orders associated with the customer, what equipment the customer has, their service agreements, their invoices, any quotes you have done, any project management jobs and view the customer history. The Customer Detail Center is where you can add new records to the customer, as well as view their outstanding balance, when inspections are due and the lifespan and warranty information of their equipment.

7 min, 56 sec

Adding A Work Order

Learn how to add a new work order and schedule it based on available times.

4 min, 29 sec

Completing A Work Order Invoice From The Office

This tutorial discusses how to complete a Work Order Invoice that was dispatched from the office, or dispatched but not completed in the field. It shows you how to add items to an invoice, change the quantity and price of an item, change the description, apply the items to a particular piece of equipment, delete an item from the invoice, adjust the taxable flag per item, rearrange the order of items, apply coupons or discounts, change the status and post the invoice to accounting.

7 min, 8 sec

Dispatch Board Overview

This tutorial discusses the 3 major sections of the Dispatch Board, which consist of the Schedule Section, the Unassigned Column and the bottom section that has dual functions, consisting of the Map and a Search utility for finding work orders associated with the Dispatch Board.

25 min, 54 sec